The Motivation Project uses dance to improve mental health/emotional wellbeing in teenagers through a series of interactive, task-based workshops covering a spectrum of topics including body image, self esteem and stress relief.


It is becoming more accepted that to be emotionally healthy is crucial in order to achieve a successful work/life balance. Most adults will understand the difference in their work when they make sure to look after their mental health. By coaching teenagers to improve their own emotional wellbeing, we can help impact every area of their lives. 

The Motivation Project is a series of workshops taught in schools across the UK. We use dance and task led methods to improve emotional wellbeing in teens aged 11-18 (year groups 7-13). We cover several different topics including confidence building, body image and stress management. Every workshop is led by a Youth Impact Coach which means that the participants are free to form and express their own opinions.


The Motivation Project was created to help change the way that teenagers think and feel about themselves and the world around them. Emotional wellbeing can be overlooked in schools due to academic overload and it is our priority to change this. By using dance we can ensure that students leave the workshops feeling healthier and with a better mind-set for their studies.

The Project

The Motivation Project is a series of dance infused workshops offered to schools and community groups for teenagers aged 11-18 (Year groups 7-13). We are keen to ensure that every participant is approached as unique; needs may be different between year groups and/or school so we speak at length with teachers and group leaders before we start to assess which of our topics will be most relevant. This helps us to achieve the right balance of dance to written and spoken tasks.


  • Body Image
  • Social Media/Advertising
  • Stress (Exam) Management
  • Positive Thinking/Decision Making
  • Confidence Building 

During every workshop (lasting approximately 1.5hrs) the students will complete a series of interactive tasks. After each task the participants are asked to openly engage in discussion about the exercise and topic at hand; offering a chance for them to form and express their own opinions and listen to others.


Please email leyla_land@hotmail.co.uk for more information about bookings and pricing.

Leyla Carter

Founder of The Motivation Project

Leyla is originally from Newcastle upon Tyne where she discovered her passion for dance. Aged 21, she gained her BA(Hons) degree in Dance at the University of Leeds where she was elected as the Union’s Dance Representative; looking after fifteen diverse dance societies and training as a workshop facilitator. In this role, Leyla acted as a spokesperson for all Union dancers and founded/directed the first LUU (Leeds University Union) Dance Competition, to raise money for charity.

In 2012 she travelled to New York City to train intensively at Broadway Dance Centre, moving to London in January 2013 where she is currently based. Leyla began working as a professional commercial dancer/model as well as completing further professional training with Dance London, and later began training as a Youth Impact Coach.

The Motivation Project is Leyla’s own enterprise and is the product of skills and interests developed during her time both in education and following career.


“Whilst working as a dancer, I became dissatisfied with the trivial side of the industry. Despite becoming acutely aware early on of the superficial charms of entertainment, I still found myself feeling emotionally drained and, at times, disengaged about my future career.

Dance was something that had always been a passion of mine; it provided stability during turbulent times in my teenage years. I believe that the power of dance runs much deeper than surface appearance. I wanted to find a way to merge Youth Impact Coaching and my experience as a dancer, so I set up The Motivation Project.

I now have the opportunity to use dance in a unique way; to prove that physical engagement can help young people to maintain positive mental health. Luckily, so far I have found that teenagers of different backgrounds from various corners of the country seem to agree.”- Leyla


Bookings and Contact

Please email: leyla_land@hotmail.co.uk for bookings and information.