The Project

The Motivation Project is a series of dance infused workshops offered to schools and community groups for teenagers aged 11-18 (Year groups 7-13). We are keen to ensure that every participant is approached as unique; needs may be different between year groups and/or school so we speak at length with teachers and group leaders before we start to assess which of our topics will be most relevant. This helps us to achieve the right balance of dance to written and spoken tasks.


  • Body Image
  • Social Media/Advertising
  • Stress (Exam) Management
  • Positive Thinking/Decision Making
  • Confidence Building 

During every workshop (lasting approximately 1.5hrs) the students will complete a series of interactive tasks. After each task the participants are asked to openly engage in discussion about the exercise and topic at hand; offering a chance for them to form and express their own opinions and listen to others.


Please email for more information about bookings and pricing.