Help! I’m A Teenager

Teenagers, we hear you. Increasingly, during our workshops, we’re hearing from teenagers that they need some extra help for both themselves and their friends. It’s great to see young people want to support each other but the truth is sometimes in life we could all use a bit of intervention from people and professionals who understand our challenges sometimes better than we do ourselves. See below the best people¬†we recommend you turn to for help!

For issues regarding Body Image check out Body Gossip!


If it’s guidance you need from some honorary big sisters to help you with your self-esteem take a look at the Self-Esteem Team! They have an amazing book just for you teens called Sex, Drugs & WTF’s?!! Which I promise, if purchased, will be your new bible! Find it on Amazon.


Everything else mental health related; a wide range of issues from depression and eating disorders to self-harm and anger issues, Young Minds covers it all with an extra special help page right here.