7 Ways to Improve Happiness

What is happiness and how can we achieve it? Happiness is often a choice that we can simply make. If you have a positive outlook and make sure to shake off any pessimism you can improve your everyday life. Here are 7 methods that I coach at The Motivation Project to improve emotional wellbeing and happiness!

1. Little Things


Take joy in the little things in life. This will make a big difference to your happiness. Some suggestions could be listening to your favourite song, phoning a friend, eating the chocolate bar you’ve been telling yourself to stay away from, taking a quick walk to clear your mind, a hot bath or a hot drink…

I recommend writing down your own top 5 ‘little things’. You can look at the list when you’re having a bit of a moment!

2. Smile More


This doesn’t really need an explanation. Smile often, even when you don’t really mean it because your insides will eventually reflect what’s on the surface.

3. Avoid Destination Addiction


This one is all about ‘ifs’. If only I could change jobs, if I could change my appearance, if I could have more money, if I could achieve what I want, if that person liked me, if I could have more free time. Sound familiar? This is destination addiction.

If the source of your happiness is always one step ahead, you aren’t ever going to catch it! My recent travel blog was along this theme. Destination addiction is the attitude that the next step will make you happier; only once you arrive you forget to enjoy it because you’ve already started planning the next trip…

Try to live in the moment. There are always ways to make the best of a bad situation!

4. Connections


Surround yourself with the people who unconditionally love you and who you love unconditionally in return. Sometimes we need a shoulder to cry on and a bit of support. Make connections that have foundations in respect, honesty, equality and mutual encouragement.

Top tip: We are most similar to the five people we hang out with most often; now is the time to break ties with anyone dragging you down!

5. Ask for Help


We should treat emotional health the same as physical health, if you’re struggling to recover from a low point make sure to ask for help. If something feels truly overwhelming don’t hesitate to seek professional support, there’s no shame in taking care of your mental health!

6. Health & Vitality


There is TONNES of information available about how to stay healthy. What to eat. What not to eat. How much exercise we should be doing. How often we should be doing it. I’m officially confused!

The best advice for general health is to maintain a balanced diet; everything in moderation. Make sure there’s variety in your diet and variety in the way you choose to exercise too. Enjoy your health! You only get one life and one body. Cook meals that you love and keep active by doing something that excites and interests you.

7. Stop Competing


We have a tendency to compete with everyone around us. Social media often looks like a battleground of people competing to prove that they have the best life. The faster car, the bigger house, the best selfies! Are you avoiding liking the status about a promotion or the photograph proving someone’s progress because you secretly wish it was you? It’s impossible to tell from a computer screen what someone’s life is honestly like.

Respect your own progress and ambitions enough to feel happy for others when they do well. Try to be the best version of yourself. Live up to your own standards, not anyone else’s.

Now is the time to ask yourself: what kind of person do I want to be? Happiness can be achieved by committing to creating moments of joy in our every day lives. Not tomorrow, next week or next month. Now. It’s up to you!