After the Last Exam

Many will be finishing their exams this week, congratulations! I remember the feeling of relief I experienced when my exams were over. My first move was to take every single book/file I ever owned and throw it all into the recycling bin (a move I regretted years later when I felt nostalgic and thought it might be nice to look back at my school work!).

This summer will probably be one of the best summers you’ll ever have. You might have lots of questions about what’s coming next and what life has in store for you after school. I’d love to share some tiny pieces of wisdom about what happens after the last exam:

You won’t grow up as quickly as you think you will.


I actually lol’d when I wrote ‘wisdom’ just then, as if I have life experience. But I am an adult! I’m 24 years old and I still totally feel like I’m 18 and a school leaver. I find myself wondering whether I’ll ever grow up. Then I look at my Mum; she’s almost 50 and still gets excited when her piano teacher gives her a gold star. I’m doomed. p.s. I just spent the best part of 5 minutes laughing at the following photo:

moodswing see what I mean??

You can just do things.


It took me a while to realise that I didn’t need permission from the universe to do what I wanted. Since I set up The Motivation Project I’ve been waiting for someone to tell me I can’t do it- no one has yet. The only person who will stop you from doing what you want, is you.

Friends will matter less, family will matter more.


As I grow up, I realise more and more that when the chips are down my family are always right there when I need them. Life can get in the way of friendship but it becomes easier to let people go when you know they don’t have your best interests at heart. The people who should be there for you, will be.

Dreams and work aren’t the same thing.


Disney is guilty of making us believe that if you want something enough, it will just happen. I find this to be untrue. If you want something enough and you put the hard work in to MAKE it happen, it will! Remember that.