Beat the Monday Blues

Some of you might wake up on a Tuesday morning thinking, well thank God it’s not Monday! But what is it about Monday that people loathe? I’ve lost count of the amount of people I have heard say, ‘I hate Monday’s’ (myself included). And when greeting colleagues in an office a simple, ‘How are you?’ is often answered with, ‘Urgh Monday!’. Why? Is it not just another day? What makes Monday so unique for it’s negative press? It happens every week! Yes it’s the first day you go back to work after the weekend, but if we all went back in on a Tuesday I’m sure we would complain just as much. 

Well I have made a decision, I’m standing up to Monday. I have become one of those tweeters you cannot stand on your news feed shouting off about “Motivation Monday” at the beginning of every new working week just begging to be unfollowed. But, we all know you secretly wish you could be any form of happy on a Monday, so here are 5 things you can do to beat the Monday Blues and become just as irritating as I am… 


1. Shut Up

Stop adding those sly digs about the day of your week to your conversation, the ‘I hate Monday’, ‘I wish it was Friday’ and ‘I just want to be done with Monday’ lingo has to get out of your vocabulary. You’re only encouraging others to join in your protests and spreading the Monday Blues like it’s the plague. Plus when you repeat something enough it becomes part of our belief system. So just because of how many times you’ve said ‘I hate Monday’ your body now actually thinks it has evidence to support that this day is officially evil!
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If you can feel yourself about to whine just because of what day of the week it is, either make sure you have an actual complaint  or just shut up and let it pass! Aaand breathe. 

2. Change Something 

Instead of jumping on the Monday Blues bandwagon, drive your own! Say something nice to someone else and make their Monday better. If you still have negative thoughts swirling around your own head then drown them out with your favourite song. Still feeling down? Grab your favourite hot drink. Listen to some music. Read something interesting. Take some time to yourself. Go for a walk. Phone a friend. Do whatever it takes to cheer your bluesy self up. 


3. Make Good Decisions 

I get that no one wants to make good choices on a weekend. In fact I would argue that the weekends are FOR poor decision making and overindulging in just about everything bad for you! But think about how much your actions over a weekend might have an impact on what kind of day you have on Monday. If you embarrassed yourself in front of your peers on Friday night then you might feel a bit self-conscious about your return on Monday morning. Eaten like a pig over the weekend? Well then you’re going to feel like you HAVE to eat well on a Monday. And don’t think you’re exempt from 2 day hangovers…



4. Reward Yourself 

If you struggle with Mondays then a sure bet to beating the Monday Blues is to reward yourself for completing tasks, it’s amazing how many people don’t think to do this. For example if you complete a job you have been putting off or just don’t like doing, promise yourself that when you’re done you can go for a break and get your favourite hot drink, or piece of chocolate, or something that you know will make you feel a little better. You’re so much more likely to get something done if there’s something in it for you. This method is incredible for productivity. I get more things done on a Monday than any other day just by treating myself like I’m a 2 year old!


5. Smile

It’s weird how long it took me to realise that I could CHOOSE what mood to be in. Like there wasn’t some invisible force that decided what mood I was going to be in that day. You can just decide to be happy, even on a Monday, who knew?! Go on, smile more, it’s contagious.


I dare you to try all 5 things, beat the system, win for a change and be the person that everyone wants to have around on Monday!