Catcalling: A Hate Crime?

Today, the BBC reported that police are starting to recognise misogyny as a hate crime to tackle sexist abuse. This means that catcalling such as wolf-whistling or shouting defamatory comments at women in public can be reported and logged as a crime. I have blogged about this before but the issue isn’t going away, so neither am I!

Yesterday, I was telling friends that at 7.45AM that morning, a man stopped his van in the road just to catcall me. He started shouting out of his window at me while I still had my back to him(?!) This prompted me to double check what I was wearing to see how on earth I had managed to attract such attention at an early hour. Then I remembered that street harassment has very little to do with what I wear. Frustratingly, it happens to me because I’m female. Well, I’m calling it: it’s a) intimidating and b) outdated. 

“Well darling, he stopped his white van to shout sexist comments at me out of his window, and that’s how I met your father”- Said no woman. Ever.

Maybe you agree and think street harassment is outdated and that police intervention is needed to make sure that there are serious, practical efforts to stop it from happening. Or maybe you think that police should be concentrating efforts on other crime. Let us know your thoughts and views by emailing