Game Changer: Women’s Football

Ask yourself; who would you like the next generation of women to look up to? Personally, I would like young girls to look up to women who are hard working, dedicated and passionate about what they do. The Lionesses are just that. This summer they fought stigma and captured our imaginations- this is what women can do!


The success of England’s women’s team is one of this year’s greatest game changer; not only for women in sport, but for women in general. Our celebrity culture and media outlets have seemingly filtered the idea of a successful woman down to something that is achieved through image, rather than hard work. The success of our women’s football team meant that the media were forced to write about a group of talented and determined young women who are only under the eyes of the public for the sheer enthusiasm they have for their sport. I wish we had more women like them appearing in our papers.


I won’t bother to compare women’s football to men’s; that would be missing the point entirely. The point is to inspire young girls and help them to realise that they are capable of greatness in sport, and in everything else. That with dedication comes achievement.


I hope that the Lionesses felt proud and walked away with their heads held high. I hope they know that their efforts have changed the way people are thinking about women both on and off the pitch. After all, it’s about time we levelled the playing field.