Let’s Laugh More


We really could learn a lot from Walt Disney.

Last night, I filmed a short video with my pyjamas on, hair wet from the shower, a make up free face with my eyebrows coated thickly with DIY brow tint. Why? Because I wanted to send a clip of my disgusting, dancing eyebrows to my best friend, obviously! I wanted to make her laugh. Real friendship is being seen at your worst and appreciating the comic value without concern. This is how brave I was; I sent it to her via Whatsapp instead of Snapchat so that she could keep it! Just saying.

It made me think though; why don’t I do this more often? With more people? Is it a trust issue or a self-esteem issue? Why don’t other girls send this kind of thing to me? Have we grown out of the small comic gestures that we used to participate in so frequently when we were younger? Are we officially embarrassed of ourselves? Well, I think we should bring it back! Bring back the little moments that are purely created to make others laugh. You never know when someone might really need it.



We could use social media in such a different way, instead of the more selfish approach of ‘look how great my life is’, we could have ‘if you’re having a bad day, this might help’. We could use our networks to both improve our own emotional wellbeing and influence the wellbeing of others. I’d love to be part of a community in which we can motivate, inspire and encourage each other to yes, be the best version of ourselves, but also to not lose sight of our inner child. After all, ‘adults are only kids grown up, anyway.’- Walt Disney.

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