Respect: Give It and Get It

Respect has seemed to be a running theme of my week, or unfortunately the lack of it that seems to be around at the moment. Maybe we’re all so desperate for summer to finally arrive that it’s causing distraction from the important things in life. There are different types of respect and it’s difficult to positively move forward in life without mastering it so here’s my top five! Take note:

1. Self-Respect


As with most adaptations in life, it really does start with you. If you don’t truly respect yourself you may find it hard to fully appreciate others. This begins with self-compassion. Pay attention to your ‘inner mind chatter’. Are you being kind to yourself? Try to approach yourself in the same way you would someone you look up to.

2. Friendship


Friends are often the family we choose and they should be treated as such. I believe in treating others as you wish to be treated yourself. Therefore it’s fair to return the same respect you’ve received from your friends.

3. Colleagues


Who do you respect in the work place? Who do you speak to? We’re socialised into forming hierarchy systems but I don’t believe we should have hierarchies of respect. A job title does not make you either inferior or superior to your colleagues, especially when you’re all working under the same roof.

4. Family


Whether it’s the family we are born with or family we choose it’s important to remember that when the chips are down it’s usually our family who are there for us and make up our most crucial support system. They are your troop! We all define family differently; Disney’s ‘Lilo and Stitch’ define family as ‘nobody gets left behind or forgotten’. It’s true that family are the people who offer us unconditional love and support.

5. Humans!


At the end of the day we’re all human beings and we should respect each others feelings, needs and wishes in the same way as you want other people to respect yours. You have to give it to get it.