Self Esteem and Fame

I was working with a group of teenagers a few months ago and we were discussing limiting thoughts. One boy admitted to me that a limiting thought he had about himself was, “I’ll never be famous”. Although it didn’t shock me, I was saddened to hear a young person so honestly express that our celebrity obsessed culture has affected him so much so that he feels ‘less than’. Current trends tell us that you are a ‘nobody’ unless the paps are chasing you, but does fame equal happiness?

Cameron Diaz discusses this exact issue in an intimate interview. She reminds us that if you seek fame in order to achieve happiness, you will never find it. It saddens me to think that so many people my age are in a constant state of ‘seeking’. They seek travel, culture, fame, enlightenment but most of all they seek happiness.

We can control of our own happiness. If we paid more attention to how lucky we really are, we might even experience it more often. My message to those still searching is this: happiness can be found in such simple things, but only if we allow it to.