Stop Waiting, Start Doing

Happy 2016! Along with new year comes the countless resolutions; people everywhere promise themselves that they will finally get around to doing that one thing that will change their lives for the better. The thing that they were going to do last year or perhaps even the year before…


Why is it that we so often struggle to keep our resolutions? Here’s the truth; human beings hate change.

We hate change even when the change sounds positive. We are habitual by nature and therefore deep down we don’t really want to lose weight, quit our jobs or stop drinking. We ourselves are our biggest resistance!

You can recognise resistance in the waiting and the what ifs: ‘I’ll start on Monday’ or ‘I can’t do it until X, Y and Z happens first’- sound familiar?


How can we get around it? Firstly, stop telling yourself what you can’t do and start telling yourself what you can do. It may not be plausible to quit your job right now but you could make more of an effort at the job you already have; go for a promotion, suggest new ideas or make more connections with the people you work with. Instead of concentrating on weight loss try out some new recipes or even attempt to cook a meal for the first time; enjoy food in a different way, you never know where it may lead.


My point is that there’s always a way around it. The best method is to stop waiting! Do it today. Set small, realistic goals that you know you can achieve. After all, once you tell yourself not to do something you know the only thing you’ll want to do is that one thing you’re not supposed to.

This time last year The Motivation Project was simply an idea. I started immediately and worked on it a little bit every day. One year later and here I am with workshops, a website, a blog and bookings in my diary. When you have the drive to DO something it’s totally different than when you want to NOT do something.


What’s my resolution you may wonder? I didn’t make one. Instead, I created a personal motto for 2016: ‘Change what you can. Accept what you can’t’. I’d much rather be at peace over circumstances I can’t control than spend the year putting myself down for not completing an impossible list of tasks.

This year stop waiting, change your life by creating more, not less. By doing, not saying. By moving, not waiting!