Turning 25

Age 18: The ‘am I not just the height of independence?‘ phase

I wrote three different versions of this blog, which really isn’t like me. Even though I’m turning 25, I’m really stuck for words on how it feels to turn 25! Funny isn’t it? I guess that’s just it though, nothing is certain, everything is a ‘what if’. And with that realisation, here goes…

Dear 20 somethings,

You are not your social media profile. You are not your favourite item of clothing. You are not a label. You are not nor do you ever have to be the same as other people your age. You are you, so be you!

Aged 19. The 'shots are really cool' phase.
Age 19: The ‘shots are really cool‘ phase

As I turn 25 I am acutely aware of how far I have to go. As a 15 year old, I remember genuinely believing that by age 25 I would be married with a child. Perhaps this ridiculous premonition had something to do with the fact my Mum was married with a baby by the time she was 24 but oh my god I don’t even want that for myself right now! How unexpected.

Aged 20. The 'why wouldn't I dip-dye my hair pink?!' phase
Age 20: The ‘why wouldn’t I dip-dye my hair pink?!’ phase

We need to be mindful of the way we compare ourselves to others; acknowledge and appreciate what we do have in our lives rather than obsessing over what we don’t. How easy is it to scroll down Instagram/Facebook and concern ourselves with what other people are up to? We’re old enough now to understand that social media involves only the most shiny parts of people’s lives. We can’t learn any real or personal information just by inspecting somebody’s profile.

Aged 21. The 'I totally just moved to New York' phase.
Age 21: The ‘I totally just moved to New York‘ phase.

To my friends: every day I am surprised about what you can achieve when you put your mind to something. I know deep down we all feel a little bit muddled up sometimes but I see you all fighting the will to give up. Keep going, you may not know it but you’re my biggest inspiration!

Age 22: The 'At least I rent my own flat' phase
Age 22: The ‘At least I rent my own flat‘ phase

I invite you all to turn your focus inwards and count your blessings because you are your own person. You are your best achievements. You are your most ambitious goals. You are what you have overcome and most importantly, you are unique.

Age 23: The 'I'll never be too old for Harry Potter' phase
Age 23: The ‘I’ll never be too old for Harry Potter‘ phase

Take a moment to stop worrying about how far you have yet to go and truly appreciate how far you have already come. People our age don’t do that enough! Age is nothing but a number. Remember, the universe doesn’t owe us anything so expect nothing and appreciate everything.

Age 24: The 'I LOVE my job' phase
Age 24: The ‘I LOVE my job‘ phase

I’ll leave you with one last quote…

“Imperfection is beauty, Madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring”- Marilyn Monroe¬†


Age 25: The 'of COURSE I'm mature enough to take care of a puppy with no experience' phase
Age 25: The ‘of COURSE I’m mature enough to take care of a puppy with no experience‘ phase