You Are What You Eat

Young girls often ask- what should I eat? I blogged about this subject once before.

Currently, I eat a plant based diet. I have been a vegetarian for over a year and decided I wanted to stop eating dairy too. I don’t often talk about this because I feel that people are judgemental/sceptical about my decision when I do. We’re a society of meat eaters through and through!

I became a vegetarian because I realised I was already practically eating a meat-free diet and it resulted in me making better food choices meaning I felt healthier/happier. Another bonus was that my body felt stronger and more capable; I crave all the energy I can get!


I decided to try eating vegan as I wanted to be more creative with food. I found it surprisingly simple and by using dairy replacements I didn’t miss the real thing in my diet. Never before had I researched our meat/dairy industry as I was scared about what I would find. I watched Food Inc. about the meat industry in America, it appalled me. I thought ‘surely it can’t be as bad in the UK?’ Then I found Viva! & Viva! Health: White Lies, again I was shocked. Not to mention documentaries such as Cowspiracy making their mark on Netflix.

Everyone has the right to make their own decisions about what they put into their bodies and I’m not ready to start campaigning for the world to go vegan because we are all different, what works for one person might not for another. I just wish we were better educated about where our food comes from and what the conditions are before it reaches our plates. If we were openly exposed to more facts about our food perhaps the way we enjoy it would change, if only a little.

I find social media to be hypocritical. Campaigning against the dog meat festival in China and then checking-in at Nandos? I don’t understand how we can care so much about one animal but so little about another. It’s a hard price to pay for not being cute and fluffy isn’t it.


chickSo cute!

Think about it…