Take a look at some of our favourite testimonials from students and observing teachers recently involved with The Motivation Project. To find out more about the workshops we offer please click here.

“The Motivation Project offered two alternative workshops to our students.  Both were professionally delivered and very well received and extremely apt for today’s teenagers.  I personally would recommend these workshops to all middle/high schools across the country.  Fun, energetic, thought provoking and encouraging self acceptance & differences is paramount for the youth who are growing up with global online media.  I must also reiterate the deliverance of workshops by Leyla Carter herself proved an essential asset.”- Angela Salkeld, Principal at Stagecoach Newcastle 

“The girls were active, interested and engaged. They could relate to Leyla and she had a good rapport with the group. The workshop will have a lasting impact on the girls involved and it is really important body image is discussed”–  Helen Walton, Teacher at Dame Allan’s School

“The pupils seemed very enthusiastic. The workshop was a very good self-confidence booster. The girls were engaged and gave good, relevant answers to all questions”Heidi Ratter, Teacher at Dame Allan’s School

“It was very fun and I learnt that it is okay to be different! Also, I realised that I shouldn’t keep comparing myself to others and be confident in myself”- Lucinda, aged 13

“The workshop was very fun and exciting. I enjoyed all of the tasks. I learned to be confident in who I am”Nabila, aged 12

“I feel more happy. I loved it! I would love to participate in more workshops with The Motivation Project!”Katy, aged 13

“At the end of the workshop, I felt a lot less insecure than at the start. I feel a lot more positive!”Josie, aged 13

“It was really fun and made me feel better about myself. I really enjoyed myself and laughed a lot!”Amarah, aged 12

“Everybody feels self-conscious, I am not the only one. Thank you!”Lois, aged 13

“It was really nice to do tasks in groups, to learn how other people felt”Eve, aged 13

“I feel more positive and I’ve learned to just be happy with myself because there’s no other person you can be”Maddy, aged 13

It was amazing and made me feel so confident! Especially in dancing which I normally feel shy in. It also made me feel happy about myself!”Gabriella, aged 13

“It was a GREAT WORKSHOP! I am going to feel a lot more confident when I look in the mirror”Diya, aged 13

“It was so, so good! I got good advice and learned a lot but also I had lots of fun!”Ria, aged 13

“I would really like to participate in all of the other workshops available, because I really would like the sort of help in other areas that this session gave me”Anonymous, aged 13